Objectives: Maintenance of Industrial peace, ensuring wages, safety, welfare, working hours, weekly & other holidays, leave, bonus and gratuity etc. for workers, Promotion of welfare and social security of workers by implementation of schemes.

Workers welfare

  • 1. AP Transport Drivers Social Security Scheme
  • A.P. Transport Drivers social Security Scheme launched on 01.05.2015 for providing Rs.5 lakh insurance coverage to benefit 4.5 lakh drivers in unorganized sector in A.P. In 2015-16 457 claims settled and Rs.11 crore disbursed.
  • 2. Chandranna Bima Scheme (Social security scheme to cover 1.5 crore unorganised workers):
  • An unique scheme which is first of its kind in the country in coverage of workers, benefit amount as well as State Government initiatives.
  •    2. a. Benifits
  • 1. Rs.5 lakh accident death and disability coverage, Rs.3,62,500/- partial disability coverage , Rs.30,000/- natural death coverage, Rs.1,200/- per child per annum upto two children towards scholarship.
    2. Enrollment of workers in the months of June and July, 2016 along with pulse survey, 2016 and Commencement of insurance coverage from 15th August, 2016.
    3. Distribution of colour laminated insurance bonds in “Karmika Janmabhoomi” in August, 2016. For details visit web site at

  • 1. Labour Reforms
    • Amendment of Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 extending threshold of 100 workers to 300 workers for obtaining prior permission of the Government for Lay-off, Retrenchment and Closure.
    • Increasing the threshold limit of 20 workers to 50 workers for application of the Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970.
    • Increasing the threshold limits of 10 and 20 to 20 and 40 for applicability of Factories Act, 1948.
    • Amendments to AP Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1987 –to enhance the annual contribution of Rs.2 to 30/- and the employer contribution of Rs 5 to 70/-.
    • Introduced the Andhra Pradesh Integrated Registration Act 2015.

  • 2. 365 days exemption to all retails shops
  • Exemption granted to all retail shops from opening and closing hours and holidays subject to certain conditions towards ease of doing business

  • 3. A.P. Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Board
    • 12 welfare schemes implemented. 15.80 lakh building workers registered.
    • 23,773 building & construction establishments registered.
    • Schemes of the building workers board have been revised substantially.
    • Rs.1,070 crore collected towards cess under Building Workers Act.
    • Rs.250 crore spent towards welfare schemes benefiting 1.88 lakh building workers.
    • Annual target for collection of cess for 2016-17 is Rs.250 crore.
    • • It is estimated to register 30 lakh additional building workers during 2016-17.

  • 4. AP Labour Welfare Board
    (workers in Shops & Establishments, Factories, Motor Transport Undertakings etc. are covered):
    • No. of establishments covered: 1,01,601. 15 lakh workers covered. Under 11 welfare schemes Rs. 10.47 crore disbursed to 31,329 workers in last 5 years.
    • Online disbursement of benefits to the beneficiaries bank accounts.
    • Welfare Fund Rs. 12.45 crore.
    • No. of additional establishments to be covered: 50,000.
    • No. of additional workers to be covered: 15 lakh.
    • Projected contributions to the Fund in 2016-17: Rs.30 crore

  • 5. Other Services:
    • Disposal of applications for wages, gratuity, compensation etc..
    • Conducting secret ballot elections to determine majority trade union.
    • Settlement of industrial disputes through conciliation.
    • Fixation, revision and ensuring payment of Minimum Wages to the workers in 73 Scheduled Employments.
    • Registration of Trade Unions.
    • Certification of Standing Orders for Industries.
      View Details in department website at

Online Public Services

  • 1. Online Registration of Establishments
  • Integrated online registration of establishments for 3 years with single application under 7 Labour laws.

  • 2. Online registration of Workers
  • 15.80 lakh building workers registered online. Enrollment of 4.25 lakh transport drivers in under State social security scheme. Enrollment of 1.5 core unorganised workers in Chandranna Bima Scheme.

  • 3. Online inspection portal
  • Online randomized risk based inspection system introduced towards ease of doing business and ease of compliance of law by the establishments.

  • 4. Combined annual online return under all labour laws
  • Facility to file combined annual return under all labour laws by shops, factories, establishments etc. with workers details in simple form.

  • 5. Online disbursement of benefits
  • Online submission of application and settlement of claims for benefits under welfare schemes of A.P. Labour Welfare Board and A.P. Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Board.

  • 6. Child Labour Tracking System
  • Online tracking of child labour rescued and released by the Labour Department. (CLTS)

  • 7. Key Performance Indicators
  • Online monitoring of performance of officers of the department through 8 key performance Indicators.